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Series Special Inverter

Technical Features series special for multi-pumps water supply = PLC + pressure sensor + PID regulator + inverter 1.Supply fixed variable frequency pump mode (can define 1 fixed variable pump at most + 9 grid frequency pumps) and circular variable frequency pump mode(can define 4 circular variable frequency pumps at most + 2 grid frequency pump). 2.Optimized water supply PID regulator can accomplish the switching between two PID parameters. 3.Flexible control logic of add and decrease the pumps, flexible dormancy pumps control. 4.Timing rotation: to avoid pumps being seized by corrosion. 5.Support 8 timeslots timing water-supply and 16 multi-step pressures setting. 6.Built-in water-level detection and control function (for inlet pool and sewage pool). 7.For convenient debugging and maintenance, built-in manual soft-start debugging and manual round-robin debugging function. 8.Monitoring the pressure of pipe net, and alarm at abnormal status. Perfect fault protection: ground fault protection, short phase protection, etc. 9.Built-in standard Modbus communication protocol. Application 1.Constant pressure water-supply for housing estate. 2.Centralized water or heat supply. 3.Process water and recycling water of industrial and mining enterprise and the industrial boiler water-supply system, etc. 4.Water processing, feedwater and pressurize and constant pressure oil transmission, etc. Optional accessory Water-supply extension card.
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